Welcome fellow tree huggers.

You want to connect even deeper with Nature and trees in particular?

Connect to trees:

  • for more stability in your life
  • to get more confident to say and do what you want
  • to feel welcome and supported in this world
  • to connect to your own inner power and wisdom 
  • to live your life fully and feel a zest for life
  • I have a dream of this beautiful planet covered with naturally grown trees and widespread forests, that there's enough room to live abundantly for all sentient beings and all get nourished and live harmoniously next to each other. 

    Hi, I'm Mareia, the founder of The Tree Huggers Movement.

    Why did I start this movement? Because ...
    My Vision is: People love themselves and nature.
    My mission is: Change the world one tree hugger at a time.
    My purpose is: Connect people to their own inner power and wisdom and Nature's power and wisdom. So that people stop playing small and instead rise and shine their light bright and treat Nature and its inhabitants as the sentient beings they all are.

    I firmly believe that people who hug trees with an open heart feel that trees are sentient, intelligent beings. Trees give support, nourish, welcome whoever comes in friendship and provide wisdom to the person that asks, and at times even healing. They can also be portals, entries to other worlds - worlds within ourselves, within the tree, to enter into the earth or to travel into other dimensions.

    Why do I focus on trees? Well, they are easier to hug than, let's say, flowers or wild animals. True? But this is not the only reason.
    Trees aren't everything, but without trees everything is nothing. We couldn't breathe without trees on this beautiful planet. That's why I focus here on trees, although I also feel a deep connection to the rest of Nature's creatures and the elements. For me it's all about connection. Of course also between human beings.

    Once you connect with trees, your way of treating trees will change. You will want this standing nation and their tree spirits (the tree Dryads) to be honored and treated with respect.

    So I ask all of my fellow tree huggers to hug trees openly in public, so that it becomes a normal picture and people stop feeling awkward when being watched while hugging a tree. This way we can also inspire others to hug trees - so they get the chance to also connect deeply with trees and let the change happen inside of them. May we all become part of the solution of this planet.

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